Set up 2-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) makes it extremely hard for hackers to break into your online accounts. In addition to your user name and password, websites and cloud apps will ask for an additional authentication token. Most often you will have to use a one-time password sent to you via SMS or obtained through a one-time password (OTP) service like Google Authenticator running on your cell phone.

How it works

Portadi offers two-factor authentication (2-FA, 2FA) with Google Authenticator. When you login to Portadi, you will be asked for your:
  • Username
  • Password
  • One-time password from Google Authenticator  

Initial setup
  1. Click your account name in the upper-right corner, select Multi Factor Authentication
  2. Click Activate.
  3. Install Google Authenticator app on your phone (iPhone or Android). If you already have Google Authenticator installed, simply tap the Edit icon, tap the Plus icon, tap Scan Barcode.
  4. Input the 6-digit code from Google Authenticator into Portadi to activate 2FA.

Generate backup codes

Backup codes is your disaster recovery plan. If you lose your phone, you can still get into your Portadi account with an offline code. You will get 10 codes, each code is a one-time-password. 
  1. Click your account name in the upper-right corner, select Multi Factor Authentication
  2. Click Generate new backup codes and enter code from Google Authenticator.
  3. Keep backup codes in a secure place.

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