Acquisition FAQ

In June 2016, Portadi was acquired by OneLogin

What does it mean for you as a Portadi customer?

Portadi will continue to run as you know it for the foreseeable future. We are now working on integrating Portadi into OneLogin and at some point your Portadi account will become your OneLogin account. We will announce the exact timing later. In the meantime, you can use the product as you always have, including adding new users or apps.

Can you switch to OneLogin now?

Yes. However, the user experience is different. OneLogin is designed for enterprise and therefore is more complex than Portadi. Portadi has features that are not available in OneLogin and vice versa.

Will there be a price difference after the acquisition?

No. Even though OneLogin is more expensive than Portadi, you can use OneLogin for the same price you pay for Portadi today. OneLogin has several subscription plans to choose from. We will work with you on choosing the right plan and you will be grandfathered your existing price (i.e. $2 per user per month).

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